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type 2 handicap bollard largeRebounding Steel Parking Bollard Post 

Create a resilient steel disabled/handicap parking sign that is strong enough to eliminate traditional wheel stops.

This 4” Bollard kit comes complete with a rebounding metal bollard and signpost, HDPE sign, and brackets, and anchors.  Merely provide the cement to pour inside the flexible steel bollard and install on a cement pad and forget about damaged sign posts and vehicles.

Two Year Warranty

The SlowStop® Disabled/Handicap Parking Sign system is a revolutionary energy absorbing collision shield that does more than just block access.  During a collision, the kinetic energy of the impact is progressively absorbed by an elastomer hidden in the base of this rebounding bollard.  The post is able to tilt approximately 20° as it progressively absorbs energy, softening the impact.  After the impact, the parking bollardreturns upright, leaving your guard intact and ready to perform again.

The benefits of the system are numerous.  Among them are the following:

- Simple Installation

- Less Damage

- Safer

- Modular

- Flexible