Deflex Flexible Bike Lane Delineator and Bollard

Green and Blue Deflex Bike Lane Posts

This high-performance Deflex flexible delineator for bike lanes is a durable marker to set boundaries on the road. Safer than a rigid delineator and clearly visible day and night, it has been designed for the safety of the most vulnerable road users. Lightweight and resilient, the Deflex delineator is made of a treated polymer blend to withstand harsh weather and vehicle impacts, and keeps its shape after as many as 200 impacts at medium speed. Usually spaced 15 m (50′) apart on a straight line or 1.5 m (5′) apart on curves or at intersections. This delineator comes with yellow or white reflective sheeting, according to the road markings. It is a great traffic calming idea for the Vision Zero approach.
  • Clear & Safe Lane Marking
  • Flexibility Greatly Reduces Cyclist Injuries
  • Easy Installation on Multiple Surfaces
  • Quick Seasonal Installation
  • 48" Heigfht with Four Reflective Sheeting Stripes
  • Made of Flexible Polymer
  • Visible and Flexible 360°
  • Best Value on the Market