DEFLEX Flexible Channelizer Delineator Post for Road Work Zones

Orange Deflex Delineator Construction Post

Our DEFLEX flexible channelizer delineator post for road work zones is a popular tool to control traffic when space is at a premium in areas where construction occurs. It stands four (4) feet tall and is notably thin in profile. It is made of a treated polymer blend that is flexible when struck by vehicles and resistant to bad weather. The Deflex delineator is highly visible from all directions, day or night. It can be bolted in place or moved at will. Complies to T-RV-10 standards of the Ministère des Transports du Québec (MTQ).

  • 8" Height with Four Reflective Stripes
  • Easy Installation on Multiple Surfaces
  • Best Value on the Market
  • Made of Flexible Polymer