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aquaroute image1AquaRoute® - water borne road marking paint

For many years our AquaRoute® Group of water-borne marking material extends to our wide product range.

The advantages of our water-borne systems are: easy use, supporting of safety regulations, worker-, fire-, or explosion protection.

AquaRoute® water borne paint is ideal when it comes to easy application of road markings. The composition of AquaRoute® makes it environmentally friendly and ideal in relation to safety issues such as labor, health, transport, fire and explosion danger. There are no special restrictions in order to work with water borne paint.

Water borne paint is suitable for the application of centre lines and edge lines on country roads, national roads and state roads, where traffic wear and number of cars is low. AquaRoute® road marking paint can be applied on both concrete and bituminous surfaces.

Short drying time for AquaRoute®

Short drying time is a key capability for AquaRoute® water borne paint. The short drying time means less disturbance of the traffic when marking the roads. By using AquaRoute® UWS-BST or AquaRoute® AQ 6010, the pass-over time is less than 60 seconds depending on the wet film thickness of the marking and the outside temperature. For short drying time, the marking is sprayed with a drying accelerator: AquaRoute® UWSTwinDry. This application technique is patented under the number N° EP 0 654 068 for Plastiroute GmbH.

Marking more m2 and easy cleaning of application units

You mark more m2 per litres when marking roads with AquaRoute®. AquaRoute® can be used in both high pressure application equipment and low pressure application equipment. For cleaning each of the application units, only clear water and a brush is needed!