Sta-Rite Sign Posts

Rebounding Aluminum Sign Posts
The Sta-Rite parking bollard was designed as an alternative to our polyethylene post traditionally used for Impact Recovery Systems parking lot signage. Just like our other parking lot signage, these traffic posts utilize our reactive spring unit which allows the sign to withstand bumper hits and return to original position, without damaging the sign or vehicle. Ideal for high traffic parking lot locations, these signs are especially useful for lots without car stops and are easy to install.

These highly durable yet light weight signs utilize a white powder coated aluminum post in order to prevent warping and remain straight, even in harsh summer and winter conditions. The aluminum sign post is available with an outer yellow bollard constructed of durable plastic which simulates a formidable concrete barrier for added conspicuity. The parking bollard also supplies additional protection in order to prevent any damage to the post.

The 78” post is designed to place a handicap sign at 60” above ground level, per ADA specifications. The 102” post places the bottom of a 12” x 18” sign 7' above the surface, per MUTCD specification for pedestrian travel areas. The 102” sign comes in two peices for ease of shipping.

*Special Note* The 60” and 78” Sta-Rite posts may now be ordered with in-ground drivable bases. 102” Sta-Rite is not avaiable with a drivable base.


Bases: Fixed Base, Quick Release Base, One Base®, Drivable (to 78")

Post: 2" Aluminum, White Powder Coat

Bollard Option: 4" Plastic, Yellow

Height Options: 60", ADA compliant 78", and MUTCD compliant 102"

Sign Options: None, Reserved Parking, Van Accessible