Speed Cushions

RubberForm Speed Cushions are designed to be easily installed and maintenance-free. Each module has been carefully manufactured in the United States to ensure that all piece’s interlock without difficulty. The surfaces of our speed cushions exhibit a high-quality appearance with no loose material or fiber-like finishes. The cushion also features reflective markings for increased visibility at night. Our Speed Cushion offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to traffic calming.


  • Modular design for custom widths and lengths
  • Each module – 3″H x 16”W x 40”L
  • Rubber speed cushions are available individually or as table sets
  • Modules connect with a propriety dog bone, no interlocking puzzle pieces
  • Available with all black or up to 6 white arrowheads
    Versatile arrow configurations
  • Made in the USA with 100% American recycled rubber, SBR with polyurethane
  • binder – complies with ARRA 2009 & Buy America Acts
  • Compression Molded and have the following properties:
    Tensile Stength – 500 psi (minimum)
    Hardness – 70 Shore A (minimum)
    Specific Gravity – 1.13
    Skid resistance – 89 (dry)
    Deform Rate – None (100% recovery)
    Chemical resistance – impervious to engine oil, road salts, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, gasoline/diesel fuel, solvents, outdoor exposure including extreme hot or cold temperatures