Portable Sign Bases

RubberForm's Portable Sign Bases are a durable and versatile solution for displaying signs in various settings. Made from post-consumer scrap tire rubber and plastics, these bases are environmentally friendly and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor use. The calculated weight and aerodynamic creation of RubberForm’s Sign Base ensures the sign stays in place, while the portability of the base allows for easy relocation as needed. If the height of your sign exceeds six feet, we have an added base weight to keep taller signs in heavy wind areas in place and safe from toppling over.   These sign bases are compatible with a variety of sign sizes to fit specific needs. Choose RubberForm's Portable Sign Bases for a durable and trusted solution for your sign display needs.


  • Aerodynamic design – low center of gravity withstands strong winds
  • Enhances safety and minimizes liability
  • 18″ Diameter
  • 14″ Height, Conical Shape
  • 72 lbs per sign base – under OSHA’s 75 lbs occupational limit
  • Extra base weight available
  • Supports signs up to 24″ in diameter – add base weight for larger signs
  • Available with round or square post hole
  • Impact and weather resistant – will not warp, chip, crack, spall, or corrode
  • Made in the USA with 100% American recycled rubber