CARVEL Ground Sleeve Anchor System


Simple, fast and efficient, the Carvelle buried sleeve anchor system is a proven system that makes it easy to install and tightly secure 60 mm (dia. 2.375ʺ) round signposts, bollards, delineators, and other street furniture.

Fully buried 13 mm (.5″) deep under the ground, the Carvelle sleeve is not an obstacle and is therefore never damaged in the event of an impact with the fixed equipment, in addition to facilitating snow removal operations once the equipment is removed. Thanks to the notch specially designed to accommodate the matching nail, the material can only be released using the adapted extractor. Simply effective, the carvelle sleeve anchoring system is as safe as it is affordable.

  • Stable, Sturdy and Durable
  • Simplifies Maintenance of Fixed Equipment
  • Compatible with any Ground Types