Dirt Road Speed Bumps

RubberForm's Dirt Road Speed Bumps are a traffic calming solution designed specifically for use on gravel or dirt roads. These speed bumps are made of durable, high-density 100% recycled material, making them environmentally friendly and efficient for slowing down traffic on unpaved roads.

Our Dirt Road Speed Bumps come in two sizes, ranging from 2” height and 3” height. The installation is easy, due to the modular design to secure them with an earth anchor against dirt or gravel roads.

Manufactured in the United States with quality in mind, Rubberform’s Dirt Road Speed Bump are perfect for entrances, exits, private facilities, and construction sites that have gravel or dirt roads.


  • Specially designed hardware allows for use on dirt and gravel roads
  • Each product can be combined to any length needed
  • High-visibility reflectors or yellow safety strips on speed bumps
  • Made in the USA with 100% masticated recycled rubber – complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts