Portable Bollard Bases

RubberForm's Portable Bollard Bases are a durable and practical solution for securing and protecting areas in a variety of settings. Made from 100% recycled rubber and plastic, these bases are environmentally friendly and capable of staying upright in acute weather. The lower center gravity ensures that the bollards stay in place, while the portability of the base allows for easy relocation as needed. RubberForm's Portable Bollard Bases are a sustainable and a reliable solution for all your future parking lot safety needs.


  • Base: 18″D X 14″H
  • Bollard sleeve: up to 60” high
  • Total weight: 98 lbs per bollard base
  • Bollard colors: yellow, red, blue, black, custom colors
  • Includes 2 reflective stripes
  • Impact and weather resistant – will not warp, chip, crack, spall or corrode
  • Made in the USA with 100% American recycled rubber