Road Work Deflex 48

This high-performance Deflex flexible delineator for road work is a durable marker to set boundaries on work zone. This delineator is clearly visible day and night, and has been designed for the safety of the most vulnerable road users. Lightweight and resilient, the 48ʺ Deflex delineator is made of a treated polymer blend to withstand harsh weather and vehicle impacts, it keeps its shape after as many as 200 impacts at 55 mph / 88 km/h. 48ʺ is the best height for beeing visible by all road users. The road work – Deflex 48 is a great traffic calming tool for the benefit of work zone safety.
  • T-RV-10 TMEQ Certification
  • Flexible Polymer with Anti-UV Treatment
  • Multiple Installation Options
  • Maximum Visibility with 90 MM (3.5") of Reflective Sheeting