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heat gunQL2 Pro Heat Gun – Maximize Your Performance

Characterized by its two powerful and interchangeable heads this quiet, light and user-friendly heat gun is engineered with both safety and performance in mind. 

One Heat Gun – Double the Performance

The QL2 Pro Heat Gun makes it easy to optimize the application and performance of OPTAMARK®, other preformed thermoplastic materials, heat activated adhesives as well as ChipFill® road repair material. 

An integrated quick click system allows the two separate heat gun heads to be changed easily and on-the-go. No additional tools are needed. The two different heads are constructed for maximum performance depending on the specific job at hand: 

  • The 307,000 BTU/h head is specifically designed to optimize the visual performance of preformed thermoplastic. It has a targeted flame which reduces the chance of surface glass beads sinking too much when heated. 
  •  TThe 546,000 BTU/h head help optimize production time. It utilizes the ultimate power and heat distribution of the head.
Ready, Safe, Go! 

The QL2 Pro Heat Gun is designed with both safety and efficiency concerns in mind. Everything you need – the two heads, handle and tube – come in one transportable carrying case, and it is ready to use in less than a minute due to its effective design. 

For example, the heat gun has an easy single-click hose connection with the quick connector and the Piezo ignition ensures, that the flame starts with a single press on the trigger. This eliminates safety concerns with open flames or problems with loss of flame in windy weather. 

Other safety benefits include: 

  •   Safety handle ensures that the heat gun is shot off when the handle is released - this reduces the risk of accidently causing fires at worksites. 
  •   Meets national and international safety standards under the UL Listing.
  •   Automatic POL safety valve cuts off fuel supply in case of hose breakage.
  •   Professional quality rubber hose meets ISO 3821 standard.
Quiet, Light and User-Friendly Design

Due to its special light weight design, the heat gun weighs only 2 lbs. This minimizes user fatigue and makes it comfortable to work with. Its user-friendly design enables you to control the power by simply pressing the trigger. As simple as that. 

The Pro Heat Gun is not just easy to use - it is also easy on the ears. The reduced noise level of only 81 dBa lower the risk of both hearing damage, stress and worker tension. Reduced noise pollution also makes it easier to communicate, thus eliminating potential errors on the worksite. The heat gun has environmental advantages as well as it consumes only 15 lb/h of propane reducing CO2 emissions. This all adds to a better, safer and more effective work environment.