Chevron Panels

Horizontal Alignment Signs
Chevron Panels may be used as an alternative or supplement to standard delineators and to the large arrow sign. The chevron sign is intended to be used to give notice of a sharp change of alignment in the direction of traffic. Chevron Panels are available in a 5’ version for soil and pavement installations, and are also available in a 36” version designed for installation on jersey barriers. Panels come standard with our patented anti-twist reactive spring system that returns the panel to its original position after impact to ensure product longevity and reduced replacement costs.


Bases: Fixed Base, Quick Release Base, One Base®, Drivable Base, Recessed Base, Tuff Curb®, Tuff Curb® XLP

Color Options: White, Orange

Reflective Sheeting:Yellow, Orange

Height Options: 36", 60"