PlastiRoute® Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) - Creating colorized SafeTracs for shared vistas

  • Fully cures in a wide range of temperatures
  • Meets non-slip requirements for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Stable color pigments resulting in high color retention over time
  • No top coat requirement
  • Ideal for heavy traffic location

Maximize performance, safety and value
PlastiRoute® is a specialized solvent-free, two-component premium MMA with high quality color pigments and durable anti-skid aggregates. PlastiRoute® optimizes skid/slip resistance and visibility for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. PlastiRoute® is designed for optimal performance on hard wearing surfaces such as bus and bike lanes.

PlastiRoute® material is applied with 98:2 airless spray equipment. This method utilizes a post sprinkling of anti-skid aggregates to provide skid resistance.

PlastiRoute® RollPlast
PlastiRoute® RollPlast utilizes a roller and/or squeegee to distribute the mma on the application area. With anti-skid aggregates premixed in the material, there is no need to sprinkle anti-skid aggregates during the application. A roller is used to further enhance skid resistance.

PlastiRoute® Sprayplast
PlastiRoute® Sprayplast is applied with pneumatic spray equipment. With a consistent intermix of anti-skid aggregates in each pail, SprayPlast provides a uniform distribution of anti-skid aggregates. There is no need to post sprinkle anti-skid aggregates during the application process.

Mix and match with OPTAMARK®
Compatibility and color stability between OPTAMARK® preformed thermoplastic pavement markings and PlastiRoute® make them uniquely designed to be used together seamlessly on the same project. OPTAMARK® is engineered to provide optimum color retention, skid resistance and retroreflectivity.

OPTAMARK® can be applied directly to the road surface as well as on top of PlastiRoute®. Pre-cut, crisp preformed thermoplastic edges provide a consistent appearance and comply with government regulations. Installation is simple and quick with a propane fueled heat gun.