Speed Humps

RubberForm's Speed Humps RK are an eco-friendly traffic calming solution made of recycled tire rubber. These speed humps are manufactured in America and are designed with a modular versatility, allowing for custom solutions that meet specific traffic management needs.

Our Speed Humps RK also provides durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions, ensuring a long-lasting and effective solution for traffic management.

The Speed Humps-RK offer a versatile and environmentally conscious solution for traffic management, made with high-quality materials, and manufactured in the USA.


  • Modular design for custom sizing
  • Each module measures 24” in length and 2-1/4″ in height
  • Available in 18″ or 36″ width
    Permanent or temporary speed zone – slow down speed from 15 to 20 mph or below
  • Embedded reflective material for low-light conditions
  • Made in the USA with 100% American recycled rubber, SBR with polyurethane binder – complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts