Mini Roundabouts

RubberForm's Mini Roundabouts are an innovative traffic calming solution that can be easily installed in most existing intersections. Whether for temporary or permanent use, these roundabouts offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for improving traffic flow and safety.

They can be easily installed in asphalt or concrete surfaces without the need for costly excavation or road closures.

Manufactured in the United States and comprised of 58 mini-RAB hard, formulated curbs for any intersection, makes the Rubberform Mini Roundabout the perfect choice for municipalities, commercial properties, and residential areas that are looking to improve traffic and safety without disrupting traffic patterns.


Specs: 28′ circle comprised of 58 molded curbs
Installation Hardware: 9 curved steel road-surface mounting plates (with installation hardware and adhesive)

  • 28’D, made up of 58 mini curbs
  • 100% Compounded Recycled Plastic & Scrap Tire Rubber Composite
  • Quick deploy
  • 9 curved steel road-surface mounting plates included
  • Accommodates more than 2x the traffic of an all-way stop intersection
  • 100% Made in U.S.A. Rubber Curbing – complies with ARRA 2009 and Buy America Acts


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