Sergeant Stripes

Higher Target Value Object Marker
Sergeant Stripe Panel Markers are used to warn drivers of hazards ahead on the road that may not be readily apparent to them. They may be used in liue of Type II object markers when more targeted value is required and anywhere traffic is directed around a two sides of an object. Sergeant Stripe Markers are especially useful for marking island ends and highway gore areas where impact attenuators are in place. Sergeant Stripe Panels come standard with our patented anti-twist reactive spring assembly that returns the panel to its original position after impact to ensure product longevity and reduce replacement costs.


Bases: One Base®, Fixed Base, Quick Release Base, Drivable Base, Recessed Base

Reflective Sheeting: 12" x 24" High Intensity, Type IV Reflextive Sheeting with Black Ink - Diamond Grade also Available

Size Options:12" x 24", 18" x 36"