ChipFill™ - Solving road repairs quickly and cost effectively

  • No on site blending or mixing is required, making application and clean up easy and fast
  • No bulky specialized equipment is necessary. A propane fueled heat gun is all that is needed
  • Strong bond with the road surface helps seal the repair area from further water penetration
  • Pre-packaged material can be reused after bags have been opened, eliminating costly waste
  • Extended repair season

Fast and cost-effective road repair solution
ChipFill™ is uniquely designed to provide a cost effective method for quick repairs or patching of potholes, cracks, manholes and small open areas in asphalt, concrete, bricks and cobblestones.
ChipFill™ has specific bonding capabilities that help seal the repaired area from future water penetration, potentially saving time and money down the line.

As Easy as 1, 2, 3
1. Simply use a stiff brush or blower to clean the repair area and remove moisture from the surface with a propane fueled heat gun.

2. Fill the repair area with a maximum layer of ½ inch of ChipFill™ and apply heat. The heated ChipFill™ will become molten and follow the contours of the repair area.

3. If the repair area is deeper than ½ inch, then repeat step 2 until area is filled.